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In Word 2010, you can edit the headers và footers by double clicking in the space in which they appear on the document.

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Note: In Word 2013,you can no longer double click on the header or footer to lớn edit them. Instead, right click on the header or footer and choose Edit Footer (or header) lớn get into editing mode.

When you are finished editing, you can get back lớn the normal document by hitting theClose Header & Footer button in theHeader DesignRibbon.

Microsoft Word provides you with the option of selecting a numbering style (e.g. “Roman Numeral”, “Arabic”) & gives you the option of selecting the “starting at” number. You can mix the page numbers for your entire document, or if you need more control, you can do it section-by-section as well.

If you want continuous pagination that is all in the same format, go to the Insert Ribbon, and in the Header và Footer Group, click on the Page Number icon. Choose the appropriate placement of the number and a style.

If you are writing a Rackham dissertation, you have more complicated pagination. For example, Rackham’s guidelines require that the page numbers begin on the third or fourth page of your document (depending on if you include a graphical frontispiece) và the page number on that page should be Roman numeral “ii”. Page numbering should continue on in roman numerals until the first page of Chapter 1 is reached. At that point, the numbering should restart in Arabic (“1, 2, 3…”).

To accomplish this, we are going to divide the document into different “sections”, break them apart (so they can have different page number formatting), và then showroom the page numbers.


For more information, please visit this page from Microsoft.

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View this video clip and or see the written sections below on how khổng lồ achieve this.

Using Sections to lớn Control Page Numbering

You have just separated your dissertation into sections. If you want to lớn see what section you are working in, a the left end of Status Bar (at the bottom of your Word document), Word tells you what page you are on, how many words are in your document, which section you are in, and so on.

If you don’t see the section information, right-click on the Status Bar, & select Section in the thực đơn that appears.


Breaking the Connection Between Sections

By default, the headers và footers of each section are connected khổng lồ those of the sections before & after it. Therefore, if you want different page number styles to vary from one section lớn the next (such as Roman or Arabic), you’ll need lớn break the connection between the sections. Particularly with landscaped pages, it is often helpful lớn break the connection in the header as well as in the footer.

Put your cursor on the first page that needs the Roman numeral.On the Insert Ribbon, in the Header và Footer Group, click on the arrow under the Footer icon & select Edit Footer.You should now be in the footer of that page; in the Header & Footer Tools thiết kế Ribbon, in the Navigation Group, unlink this section’s footer from previous sections’ footer by clicking the highlighted liên kết to Previous icon.Put your cursor in the header area, and again click the highlighted links to Previous icon.Scroll down lớn the first page of the body toàn thân of your dissertation (the chapters), make sure your cursor is in the footer, and click the highlighted links to Previous icon again.Repeat for the header area.

You have now successfully unlinked footers of these sections. Any page numbers you put in the body of your document will not affect the page numbering of your front matter, & vice versa.

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Adding the Page Numbers

Scroll up to lớn the section that contains your front matter & click in the footer of any page (don’t bởi anything for your title page và other pages that don’t require a page number).On the Insert Ribbon, in the Header và Footer Group
, click on the arrow next khổng lồ the Page Number icon & select the positioning you’d like. Generally, Bottom of the Page is the choice, và either Plain Number 2 (centered) or Plain Number 3 (right aligned).To change lớn Roman Numerals, on the Insert Ribbon, in the Header và Footer Group, click on the arrow next khổng lồ the Page Number icon và select Format Page Numbers… to lớn set the “start at” number and the style of numbering.Scroll down to the first page of the next section (where your chapters start) và click in the footer.Repeat steps 2 và 3 to lớn set the page numbers for this section. We have noticed in Office 2010 that sometimes when you insert the page number in the chapters’ sections it automatically turns khổng lồ Arabic. If that is the case, then you just need lớn follow step 3 to lớn make it start at 1.