Chuyển Đổi File Xml Sang Excel Online Miễn Phí

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Why khổng lồ convert XML khổng lồ Excel?

To mở cửa complex structured XML file in Excel, it is much easier khổng lồ convert this XML file into Excel table format and mở cửa it directly in Microsoft Office Excel.

Please note: If you want to convert an Excel XML file (Microsoft Office XML format) into Excel XLSX format - use our Excel XML to Excel XLSX Online Converter.

XML ValidationAs a first step, we read an XML source file and validate it. During the validation process, we kiểm tra the data structure of the XML for errors. If there are a lot of errors in the XML file structure - we couldn't process such a file.
XML Data ParsingOn the parsing step we import XML data file, read và understand the data structure and extract the data from the XML.
Data TransformationWhen the data from the source XML file is extracted, the next step is khổng lồ transform the data from XML-based representation into the table-representation such as the Excel format.XML lớn Excel converter uses the following rules khổng lồ transform the data:Every XML tag represents the separate table columnEvery XML attribute represents the separate table columnData is combined based on the upper-level XML tags
Saving to lớn Excel fileOnce the data is transformed into table representation & combined based on the XML to lớn Excel converter rules, it is saved into the Excel file.
XML FormatXML is an abbreviation from "Extensible Markup Language".XML is both machine-readable & human-readable format & can be edited in any text editor.
XML TagsXML Tags should have correctly defined names, starting with a character, & not a number.For example,valid: not valid: Start and End TagsThere are defined start-tag (or opening tag): and end-tag (or closing tag): .

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XML Root ElementXML document can have only one root element. Root element is a start-tag and end-tag, and the rest of the XML content should be placed inside those tags.For example,..xml nội dung here
Special Characters EscapingSpecial characters inside XML like , &, ' và " should be escaped as follows:> represents ">"& represents "&"' represents "'"" represents '"'
XML EncodingXML encoding is defined in the XML tệp tin as the first line:We support all encoding formats. The most popular encoding is "UTF-8".
Excel FormatExcel format is the file format used in Microsoft Office Excel program.File in Excel format has extension: .XLS or .XLSX, depending on the Excel version.Our XML lớn Excel Converter saves the file in XLSX format supported by Microsoft Office 2007 & later versions.
Excel Limits (XLSX - Excel 2007+)Excel has the following limits when it is used with Microsoft Office Excel:Max number of rows: 1,048,576 rowsMax number of columns: 16,384 columns (last column is "XFD")Column width: 255 charactersMax number of characters in a cell: 32,767 charactersMax number of Hyperlinks in a worksheet: 66,530 hyperlinksIf you experience issues related to the Excel format limits - consider using CSV format and our XML to lớn CSV converter.
Excel Limits (XLS - Excel 97-2007)XLS format used in Excel 97-2007 has the following limits:Max number of rows: 65,536 rowsMax number of columns: 256 columns (last column is "IV")

How XML khổng lồ CSV Converter is used khổng lồ convert large XML files into CSV format with additional data processing (data fieltering and fields mapping).

Read our use-case by the following link: Custom Converter Use Case: Conversion of Large XML tệp tin to CSV.

There is a possibility lớn convert data back from Excel to XML format.

This can be done by using our Generic Excel lớn XML Converter or by using the Custom Converter.

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Read the following article from our blog lớn find out more details:Convert Excel to lớn Structured XML document with nested levels.

How vì I convert an XML file to Excel?

Use our không lấy phí XML to Excel Online Converter khổng lồ convert any XML tệp tin to Excel format.Steps khổng lồ use XML lớn Excel Converter:


Convert XML to Excel (XML to lớn XLSX, XLS)

Online Converter: Convert large XML tệp tin (up to lớn 100 GB) lớn Excel format (XLSX, XLS)